Philips -
The Soundtrack of Sofia


Philips is mainly associated with body care products, TV sets and kitchen appliances, but is not recognized as a producer of high quality headphones. The lack of well targeted communication and positive attitude towards the headset category among users was the main challenge we needed to overcome.


We knew that only personal experience would prove the quality of the product and convince consumers to buy it. So we decided to make people talk about music and sound in a brand new language – the language of the street.



We selected four of the most popular and beloved Bulgarian musicians and DJs and sent them on a mission – to create the unique city soundtrack. For several months they traveled around the city and captured the most typical sound "paintings" from 40 different districts in Sofia.

The result: the first audio exhibition in the country – "The Soundtrack of Sofia". Inspired by the stories of the streets, the artists presented their interpretation of Sofia's urban sounds, mixing real street sounds with their own music. Each track was presented at special street parties in popular Sofia locations. The mini-concerts could only be heard through the Philips headphones CitiScape.


30% increase in sales of Philips headphones

100 000 downloads of the soundtrack

160 earned media publications worth 250 000 €

More than 5000 visitors of the audio exhibition

More than 10 000 people visited the street parties


  • SABRE 2015: Gold Consumer electronics
  • FARA 2015 Silver “Special Event”
  • BAPRA 2015
  • Gold “Campaign of the Year”,
  • Gold “Most Innovative Campaign”
  • Gold “Special Event”
  • Bulgarian PR Association, PR Priz 2015 | PR project
  • Bulgarian PR Association, PR Priz 2015 | Special event

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