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The Apple Thief steals big


The Apple Thief cider family is getting bigger with brand new tastes and we had to find a way to inform our consumers in a compelling manner that suits the style of our Thief – a mischievous character that steals the best of now.


The Apple’s Thief decided to play big and as his name suggests, to go for a huge theft that everyone will talk about – the biggest theft in commercial break. By stealing the commercial break itself.



Unlike other thieves, The Apple Thief needed as many witnesses as possible and openly announced the exact date and hour of the upcoming theft. Not only online, but on billboards across the country. He even stole the horoscopes of a well-known online news agency, where he predicted a great theft of attention for each one of the zodiac signs. The Thief also created a Facebook event with the exact location of the theft – your own TV screen.

When the day came, the Apple Thief stole some of the top TV commercial clichés: a telecomm commercial – stolen, a banking commercial – stolen, laundry products, medicine ads – you bet we stole them all.


In only 15 months the Apple Thief not only became the second best with 40,1% market share, but also won the first place during the summer season, surpassing the leader and achieving a 48.9% share in July 2017 (АС Nielsen,2017)

700% increase in the number of viewers of the commercial break

2,37% of CTR of the digital campaign with industry average of 0.3%

16% CTR of the pre-rolls in online environment

The Apple Thief Facebook page reached 38 000 likes and activation per post jumped to 7,3 in comparisons to its main contender with 2,1


FARA 2017:

  • Gold Media Campaign,
  • Best Integrated campaign
  • Gold in media usage
  • Gold Untraditional usage of traditional media
  • Silver TV spot
  • Bronze Social Media
  • Bronze One 2 One
  • Effie 2017, The Apple Thief , Bronze
  • BAPRA 2017: The Apple Thief, Debut of the year, 1st place
  • BAPRA 2017: The Apple Thief, Digital campaign, 2nd place
  • BAPRA 2017: The Apple Thief, Innovative campaign, 1st place
  • PR Priz, Bulgarian PR Association 2017: The Apple Thief, PR project of product, 1st place
  • PR Priz, Bulgarian PR Association 2017: The Apple Thief, Digital campaign, 1st place
  • IAB Mixx Awards 2016, Direct response and lead generation: 1st place
  • IAB Mixx Awards 2016, Brave with the Social Thief: 1st place
  • IAB Mixx Awards 2016, Social & Brave finalist

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