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Decathlon Bulgaria’s portfolio of products isn’t well communicated locally and is mostly perceived as a reseller of affordable sporting goods by unpretentious brands. This undervalues Decathlon in the eye of the consumer and lacks clarity whether it targets professional athletes or amateurs.


Bulgarians rarely do sports in the office and even more rarely use sports equipment. On the other hand they regularly express desire such equipment to be provided by the management of the company that they work for. According to a Decathlon internal research punching bags were in the top 2 of the most desired sports equipment by office employees. So we saw an opportunity to reach our target at their workplace, and gave them a punching bag… with a catch.



Decathlon Box Office is a game inspired by the dream of thousands of office workers to have punching bag in the office. But sooner or later, sports equipment normally turns into expensive hangers. This is why we changed the rules of the game.

“You want a punching bag? We’ll give it to you. This is the easy part. The hard part is to keep it. If you do 1500 punches every day for one week, the bag remains in your office. Forever! But if you fail to reach your target even once. We take it back. Forever!”

We built two punching bags with added sensors, hardware and software. Each hit is recorded and reflected online on a dedicated website. If the bag stays idle for half an hour, the website activates “The Voice of the Bag”. When someone hits the bag for the first time, it “urges” him to continue. If the simulator collects dust for half an hour, the site activates the bag’s voice, “prompting” the participants to start using it again. If the office hasn’t reached its target of 1500 punches, the bag wishes them farewell.


460 companies in total, with overall of 30 000 employees, registered for the punching bag - Telenor,, Taxime, Kamenitza, Zagorka, Carlsberg, IKEA, Lidl, UniCredit Bulbank, Pireaus Bank, ING Bank, Pernod Ricard, Border Police, the Ministry of Tourism and many more

In the first week of the game, due to the tremendous attention, we had to urgently produce a third punching simulator and raise the number of prizes from 12 to 18 punching bags

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FARA 2017:

  • Gold Digital campaign of the year
  • Gold in one 2 one
  • Silver Integrated campaign
  • Silver website
  • Finalist for Media Campaign
  • Silver Ambient


  • Best campaign

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